Easy and Flexible White Label CMS With E-Commerce
Take advantage of your existing client base and create new recurring income from your clients by offering web sites with e-commerce.

The most common problems with a web site builder and
how smanagerCMS solves them

Your clients need a system that is

& flexible
The problem with a web site builder

Many web site builders are easy to use but they are not flexible. 

When your clients need to grow their websites by, for example, connecting it with a CRM or any other programming module, they will need to move to a different platform.  Leaving you without their business.
How we solve it

Our platform is so easy-to-use that your clients with no skills can use it to create their own web sites and so flexible that they can also use developers to customize their web sites using the same platform.

Your clients need

custom design, not templates
The problem with a web site builder

Your clients want web sites that are both easy-to-manage and customized to their business.

Many web site builders lack enough customization, and create web sites that look all the same. A nice, customized design attracts new business. A template-based web site with only a few customized options will create a web site that won't bring business to your clients.  Leaving you without their business.
How we solve it

Our platform offers very rich pre-made designs, available for all devices that are full customizable within on an easy-to-use platform.

If your client need a more personalize design, we offer a white label design services where we create and integrate a custom design into the platform.  You can charge for the white lable services as if they are your own.

Your clients need

full integration with hosting, FTP,

email, and databases

The problem with a web site builder

Your clients will want their own domain name, hosting, and FTP access to their website.  In the future, they will probably want to grow their web site and add custom programming and databases.  

There is no web site builder on the market that allows you to do all of that.
How we solve it

Our plataform is integrated with cpanel for managing hosting.  Your clients can manage their own hosting, emails and database needs. 

You would benefit from a flexible licensing model that gives multiple options - Self Hosted & SaaS

The problem with a web site builder

Most web site builders do not allow you to create new packages and you are tied to the few licence options they offer.  This doesn't leave you with a lot of options to create a reveue model that works in your business.  
How we solve it

You can choose from the licence model that best suits your business needs. We offer per demand licences and an unlimited licence model,  both for SaaS and self-hosted services.  Our SaaS infrastructure allows you to monitor every server you have and deploy a server in 15 minutes with our platform, FTP, email and databases ready to use.